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Shakespeare or Justin Bieber?

‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m super bad at inventing poems…what about you?’😝

Hace unos años leí un artículo en The Guardian sobre lyrics (letras de canciones) y había un test con la siguiente pregunta: ‘Who said it? William Shakespeare or Justin Bieber?‘🤓 donde aparecían frases de canciones (songs) de Justin Bieber y obras de teatro (plays) de Shakespeare (/shéɪkspɪəʳ/…no chespir😒)… y ahí que lo hice en plan smartass (marisabidilla) y BOOM! What a surprise! 

Así que hoy quiero que compruebes por tí mism@ tu knowledge sobre Bieber vs Shakespeare 😏… There we go!

1.Who said: “Set a place at the table for someone to sit down and eat”?

2.Who battled over whether or not to struggle on for love, asking “should I fight for love or disarm”?

3.Who is not too keen on a boogie, writing that they and a mystery someone “are past our dancing days”?

4.Who rather aptly claimed “a man can die but once”?

5.Who penned this poetic verse: “From what the world may see. They try to crucify me”?

6.We’ve all been there, but who bemoaned their problems with the line, “We have seen better days”?

7.Who wished you got more bling for showing enthusiasm, calling for “a diamond for all of your passion”?

8.“I put my heart into your hands, here’s my soul to keep.” Who said it?

9.“Pity, like an innocent newborn baby, will ride the wind with winged angels on invisible horses.” Who said this?

10.In a moment of passion, who penned: “I burn, I pine, I perish”?

11.Who showed they weren’t very trusting saying, “love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”?

12.“I would give all my fame for a pot of ale, and safety.” Who said it?

13.What genius said this: “Love is like appreciation. Mixed in a double cup with Sprite”?


How was it? Easy peasy?…Let’s find it out🧐




















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