No Regrets  (1997)

by Elizabeth Adler



Code: PU-13

Pages: 346 pages

Publisher: Hodder Paperback (December 4, 1997)

Language: English




She saw him in the shadows.  She felt him watching her.  She knew he was going to get her…

The killer always left a signature on his victims…an X carved in their flesh.  But he’d spent the last twenty years in a mental hospital.  Long enough for the world to forget him.  But not long enough for him to forget the rich old woman who had him committed–or her pretty granddaughter.

Now he’s been set free.

Ellie Duveen was busy running her own restaurant and tenderly watching over her fragile grandmother.  Then she met former cop Dan Cassidy, the owner of a local vineyard, and Ellie’s hectic life slowed just enough to let her fall in love.

So Ellie didn’t notice when police found a dead body marked with a grisly X.  She only felt someone watching her.  Following her.  And as a terrifying secret came back from the past to haunt her, Ellie needed an ex-cop’s instincts and more.  She needed her own unshakable courage to outsmart a killer’s deadly, twisted plan.