LIFE: Century of Change: America in Pictures 1900-2000  (2000)

by Richard B. Stolley (Author), Tony Chiu (Contributor)



Code: PU-12

Pages: 400 pages

Publisher: Bulfinch; 1st edition (October 30, 2000)

Language: English



So much of daily life that we take for granted today simply didn’t exist a century ago. Life before McDonald’s restaurants, before frozen food? Remember shopping before the mall and the e-mall — at Mom and Pop stores, or Woolworths? When corsets gave way to panty hose and wonderbras? Unlike LIFE: Our Century in Pictures — a chronological overview of political and cultural events — this next LIFE project is a richly illustrated, very entertaining cultural history of 100 years of change arranged not on a time line but by theme. It explores all the key aspects of daily life and how they have been transformed — from the homes we live in, the jobs that employ us, the fashions we’ve worn and discarded, the ways we’ve brought up our children, and how we’ve entertained ourselves. Famous writers and experts will again contribute brief essays to open the chapters, sharing their personal take on that particular theme — be it how notions of sex in America have shifted, or the evolution of pop music. The hundreds of images (some famous but most startlingly fresh) will capture the spirit of times past and present as only LIFE can do. LIFE: Our Century of Change recalls its bestselling precursor in format — same trim, close to the same page count, similar dynamic design, and cover look — but it is distinguished by a brilliant color background on the cover.